• GSM 代表全球行動通訊系統(Global System for Mobile)GSM是一個開放的,數位蜂窩技術,用於傳輸移動語音和資料服務。
  • GSM的基於單元的移動無線系統在貝爾實驗室在20世紀70年代初出現的想法。
  • GSM是成立於1982年,以建立歐洲統一的行動電話標準的標準化組織的名稱。
  • GSM標準是最被廣泛接受的標準,並在全球實施。
  • GSM是一種電路交換系統,每個200kHz的通道劃分成8個25kHz的時間槽。GSM可以工作在900MHz和1.8GHz的頻帶,在歐洲和美國了1.9GHz和850MHz頻段中。
  • GSM的使用的窄頻分時多重進接(TDMA)技術的用於傳送信號。
  • GSM採用數位技術開發。它有能力進行64 kbps到120 Mbps的資料傳輸速率。
  • 目前GSM支援在超過210個國家和地區的超過一個億的移動使用者,在整個世界。
  • GSM提供先進的語音和資料服務,包括漫遊服務的基礎。漫遊是在另一個GSM網路,能夠使用GSM手機號碼。




  • 提高頻譜效率。
  • 國際漫遊。
  • 廉價的移動台和基站(BS)
  • 高品質的語音
  • 綜合服務數位網(ISDN)和其他電話公司的服務的相容性。
  • 支援新的服務。



年代 事件
1982 CEPT establishes a GSM group in order to develop the standards for a pan-European cellular mobile system.
1985 A list of recommendations to be generated by the group is accepted.
1986 Field tests are performed to test the different radio techniques proposed for the air interface.
1987 Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) is chosen as the access method (with Frequency Division Multiple Access [FDMA]). The initial Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed by telecommunication operators representing 12 countries.
1988 GSM system is validated.
1989 The responsibility of the GSM specifications is passed to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).
1990 Phase 1 of the GSM specifications is delivered.
1991 Commercial launch of the GSM service occurs. The DCS1800 specifications are finalized.
1992 The addition of the countries that signed the GSM Memorandum of Understanding takes place. Coverage spreads to larger cities and airports.
1993 Coverage of main roads' GSM services starts outside Europe.
1994 Data transmission capabilities launched. The number of networks rises to 69 in 43 countries by the end of 1994.
1995 Phase 2 of the GSM specifications occurs. Coverage is extended to rural areas.
1996 June: 133 network in 81 countries operational.
1997 July: 200 network in 109 countries operational, around 44 million subscribers worldwide.
1999 Wireless Application Protocol came into existence and 130 countries operational with 260 million subscribers
2000 General Packet Radio Service(GPRS) came into existence.
2001 As of May 2001, over 550 million people were subscribers to mobile telecommunications